Saturday, August 2, 2008

Smoking cigarette is dangerous to your health

Public reminder from high quality natural health products, we all know that cigarette is too bad to our health that’s why I don’t smoke for the reason of I don’t want to die at early of my age. But you! Why you still smoking to much? Does your not aware on the risk that you may encounter? I don’t think so… the warning are already in all part of the world such as commercial, billboards, vehicles, and even also on the pack of the cigarette you buy (“Government Warning: Cigarette are addictive”). The campaign of the government and other non-government organization (NGO) in all over the world is I think enough for us to be aware on the consequences that we can get on a cigarette.

Five reasons why you need now to quit your smoking

  1. Smoking is bad for your health
  2. Smoking can break your relationships
  3. Smoking looks so out of style
  4. Smoking is more expensive than quitting smoking
  5. It's not as hard as you may think to stop smoking
On the other hand, if you are now thinking to stop your smoking reading some posted health articles may help you to think well and give you enough reasons. On some health experts posted article you be informed and get some important advices, tips, and other alternative ways to overcome your smoking. That would be it… Anyway, if you have also some concern you wanted to share for those smokers please feel free to put feedback or comment for us to help them.


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