Monday, January 19, 2009

Healthy Skin Tips for Men

George CloneyDo you think you have a nice healthy skin? Having a healthy skin is the most important element of being called, great looking man or pretty boy. Although it is not easy to achieve instead it’s a critical thing you can do with yourself. Furthermore to my study on how to maintain great looking face – I’d like to share these basic tips and guidelines to maintain and retain your healthy skin in a simple ways…

Cleanliness is the best policy. - Based on the study of some expert, men have larger pores in the skin and have approximately15% oilier than women. Anyway, no matter what type of skin you have it is really important to keep your skin clean. Make your pores clear from dirt by using some certified organic skin care that has no added chemicals that would irritate your skin and clog your pores.

Organic Citrus Cleanser is essential for healthy clean skin. It’s a pure and mild rejuvenating cleanser that protects and nourishes your skin as it removes dead cells and makes the surface of your skin smooth.

Make toned of your face. - Men are usually outside more compared to women; therefore they are much prone to environmental debris and pollutions which may harm their healthy skin. Using organic charmomile toner helps to keep your skin clear and firm with the help of subtle aromatherapy oils.

Determine the type of your skin. – Knowing the type of your skin is really important on how you will enhance and to know the treatments that needed on your skin. All types of skin need to be exfoliated as essential part of the skin treatment. I would recommend the USDA Certified Organic Sugar Exfoliator by Dr. Mercola – it softly removes the outer layer of dry or flaking skin, leaving your face smooth and radiant.

Lastly, don't forget about your lips and using balm that has an SPF of at least 15 in it. Peppermint oil has a nice feel and keeps the lips looking luscious.

Always take care of your skin. – Skin is the mirror of your overall body healthy. These are the recommended prevention techniques that can promote the best skin possible and keep you looking good. Read these 4 techniques for having a healthy skin…
  • Avoid over exposure to the sun. – So much exposure in UVA rays are major cause of skin problem disease. Using some natural product lines that has SPF 15 is recommended for your skin.
  • Keep in shape. – Regularly exercise promotes capillary functioning which can decrease premature aging. It also increases oxygen to the tissues which keeps skin looking young.
  • Eat well - Include in your regimen that rich in such vitamins C and E.
  • Have self discipline. – Anything too much is not good for you. Keep away from too much drinking of alcohol, avoid cigarette smoking, stress and fatigue because these are the cause of having premature aging.