Sunday, January 23, 2011

Male Enhancement: Increasing Sexual Compatibility

Sexual Compatibility
Mismatched shoes are okay, especially if you’re Helena Bonham Carter. But mismatched moves in the sack? Definitely not okay! If you don’t want all those male enhancement products you’ve been sampling to go to waste, and if you’re looking for ways to perfect your sexual compatibility with your partner, look no further than the tips below.

Fan the Flames

Men are like light switches. They can get turned on almost instantly. Women, on the other hand, are like old-fashioned ovens. They need to be heated properly before you can “bake cookies.”

If you’re not the patient type, try to trick her body into responding faster. Reinforce the idea that she’s ready. Tell her that she’s wet and that her nipples have already hardened. It’s called the power of suggestion. Hearing those things will send messages to her brain, which will then signal her body to manifest that arousal.

Talk the Talk

Talking dirty may be foreign to some girls. If you’re partner’s the timid type, don’t assume she’s not going to like some sex talk. Initiate it by working in your sexy lines during sexy time. Lovemaking doesn’t have to be done in silence. You can ask her how to proceed and if she likes what you’re doing to her. In the future, she may take a page from your book and come up with sizzling phrases of her own.

Ladies First

So you want her to take the lead? Sadly, it’s not as easy as giving her your penis enhancement pills. According to sex experts, some women subconsciously feel that they need permission to initiate sex. If you want her to make the first move, try the power of suggestion thing again. Just casually mention – maybe over lunch or dinner – that you’d really like it if she could take the lead sometime. It may happen sooner than you think!

Man of the World

If there’s a gap between the notches in your bedpost and the number of men she has slept with, she may end up too worried about her sexual performance. Sure, you want to show her the results of your penis enlargement regimen, but you don’t need to show her your toys and porn collection, especially if you’re just starting to get intimate. The best way to go about it is to help her get comfortable and not to rush things. Focus on making that connection instead of the Big O. The idea is to have her relaxed and more open to the idea of dropping her inhibitions…