Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weight Loss Tips – Eight Simple but Effective Permanent Methods

Sexy WomanDo you have also problem with your weight? People who had problem on their weight always seek for an easy but effective weight loss program or planning on the newspaper, television, and in the internet. Therefore, I may consider these selected tips to be more simple, easy and helpful to a person looking to lose their weight. If you want to know on how or/and how you will maintain your current weight, this is the right for you as it was the more practical than other… Read More!
  1. Healthy Eating Breakfast (Especially Cereal) – During breakfast you eat fewer calories, less saturated fat, cholesterol, and have a better overall nutritional status. Based on the Nielsen’s National Eating Trends Survey, those who ate their cereal on regular basis had a less than pounds on their weight comparing to those who rarely or not at all ate their cereal. It also helps to lesser your habit on eating “Junk Foods” upon your break time or snack time.
  2. Eat Slowly – One of the methods that can help to take off some pounds in your body. The study show, from the time you begin eating it takes 15 to 20 minutes to accept the signal of fullness by our brain. Therefore, the person who eats slowly and takes smaller bites on eating has the fewer calories that may consume compared to those who eat quickly.
  3. Don’t Ever Skip Your Meal – If you think if help on losing will weight, well you’re absolutely wrong. Because the next meal you eat will just converted into pure FATs that may cause more weight rather than losing a weight.
  4. Plus Herbal Supplements To Meet Daily Requirements – it play a key role to help those dieters to meet the required daily nutrition. In a review published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, researchers noted that “the goal in planning weight-reduction diets is that total intake from food and supplements should meet recommended dietary allowance and/or adequate intake levels...If nutrient amounts from food sources in the reducing diet fall short...a multivitamin-mineral combination may be helpful.”
  5. Add Fruits and Vegetables In Your Meal – It’s another way of helping you to cut down the possibility of more calories you would take from your ordinary meal.
  6. Exercise is nothing new but still Essential – This is the most common way of losing weight but probably one of the most effective methods on losing weight. For you to be able succeed on losing weight, you should take a session for about 30 minutes exercise on every five days or 10 minutes per day in a five days session. Find a way to make your exercise something you may enjoy as well like walking or judging with your friends to avoid the “no time for exercise” habits and get positive benefits on your part.
  7. Drink at Least Eight Glass Of Water Daily – Another good components in diet plan, one of the reason why it was usually recommend it just because it also help to lesser your eating habit, flushes out all the unwanted waste in your body, and for quick digestion too.
  8. Get a better sleep – lack of proper sleeping can results on overeating. Study shows that there are two specific hormones are involved. First is Ghrelin is responsible for feelings of hunger. And second is the Leptin which tells the brain when it’s time to stop. When you’re sleep deprived, your ghrelin levels increase at the same time that your leptin levels decrease. The results of these two hormones reaction is an increased of eating more food and not feeling full.
These are all natural and practical tips of losing weight as it comes from various health resources and get selected to share with those who had the said problem, which is how to lose WEIGHT?. It only required self discipline and efforts for you to be succeeding, and have a healthy and sexy wanted body without risking your health in an improper way of methods of losing weight.