Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Wellness Center

Does anyone has already tried the new featured center of MSN health? Called “My Wellness Center (BETA)” it’s a personalized online tool that helps you to set weight-loss and at the same time your fitness goals. The health tools is a free personalized (which is much better) of use, what you only need is to sign-in by using your Windows Live ID to get started. What are the featured of this online tool? The great things it has customize meal plans, Set Up exercise plans, track your progress, store your data, and share your health information to others. How it personalized? The information you’re provided in your profile helps the center to create customized meal and exercise plan which is been unique to your interest and goals.My Wellness CenterThis is another good health and wellness resources we can use on providing long-lasting and synergistic life. Make your body in perfect shape.