Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Most Important Things You Must Know about Eye Puffiness

Eye puffiness is a condition in which your eyes start to swell due to various reasons. The skin surrounding your eyes is thinner compared to those in other body parts and it is also very sensitive due to the numerous blood vessels it has.
Commonly, eye puffiness will just lessen after some time or after using some home remedies.  Unfortunately, puffy eyes might also be symptoms of some eye conditions which will need the attention of an expert in eye care. If your eye puffiness has become persistent and severe and is already accompanies with discomfort, blurry vision, pain, and similar conditions, you should get in touch with an optometrist.
Puffy Eyes and Its Causes
Eye puffiness can be a result of several factors, including stress, allergies, hormone changes, fluid retention and similar factors. Whenever you cry, you usually experience having swollen eyes since your body is reacting to emotions that cause more blood flow to the eyes that causes the swelling. In addition, production of excessive tears can cause eye strain. You also experience having puffy eyes upon waking up, something which can be a result of various factors including excessive sodium in the diet. This will then lead to water retention, turning and tossing, insufficient sleep, too much alcohol intake and others.
Home Remedies and Treatment for Eye Puffiness
If your eye puffiness is normal and is not brought about by serious eye conditions, you can use various ways for eliminating the puffiness. Here are some ways for treating your swollen eyes.
  • Wash your face using cold water, preferably an ice cold one.
  • Drink a lot of water for having your system cleaned out.
  • Limit your sodium intake.
  • Moisten a couple of tea bags in some cold water. Chill these and put on your closed eyelids within a few minutes.
  • Put two cool cucumber slices over your eyes within several minutes.
  • For puffy eyes and allergies, learn the root cause of the allergy and lessen its use. The doctors can also give you some medication such as prescription drugs or shots.
  • Find the best eye cream for treating eye puffiness. You can use the one which contains Vitamin E and aloe then apply this on your eyes.
Eye puffiness should be give immediate attention so that you will not suffer from its unpleasant effects. Make sure you keep these things in mind to serve as your guide.